Suicide Crisis Center

When No Hope Is In Sight

Wednesday's Child

There are very few words...

which can comfort
a severely suicidal person.


There are few who know the URGENCY...

the pulling, the tearing

the twisting, the turning

the moaning, the crying

the desperately dying


Few words could reach me
as I suffered the punishing torment

as the world of death pushed its way
into my heart and mind compelling me,

darkly drawing me to commit suicide

hurling me towards death and death towards me


I had hundreds of suicidal thoughts a day

and with each moment, I did not expect to be alive
for the next week or month or even the next day.


But I found treatment & survived.

And I hope you can too...


  • I hope there will be something I can say to you now,

    that will help you find a reason to stay alive for another day - find a reason to bear the unbearable pain until relief comes.
  • Find something or someone to live for, for a little while
  • Let someone help you through and beyond this horrible, but temporary time in your life.


Please Remember !!

You can always kill yourself - L a t e r !!


Put it off - for another hour, another day.



  • Give yourself a chance to get help.
  • If you had cancer, or a heart attack, you would suffer then too - in a different way - but you would let it hurt till you could get well.
  • If you can decide to let it hurt, without acting on the impulses for a little longer, with the right help, you could feel so much better that one day...

You will look back
and forget
what it was like to hurt so badly.



I know it hurts,
I know you are dying
my heart feels your pain,
my tears are for you now
to help you get through.

Others who are here at this site now
cry with you and for you too,
and for themselves.

Let their hearts
care for you for a moment,
for an hour,
for another day...

Let yourself jump ahead in time,

to the day when you are free

from the pain and sorrow,

and you will look back

on the distant memory

of how you almost died,

but somehow you lived through it.



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