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When No Hope Is In Sight

Can SAVE You -- Temporarily...

Distract Yourself
If You Can

Right ! -- As if "doing things" or "keeping busy" is going to help !!


Trust me, I know that
Nothing takes the pain away
And the mere suggestion that some of the silly ideas below could make you "feel better" may be offensive or upsetting to those who are desperately depressed or overwhelmed by suicidal compulsions.
But until your treatment kicks in, you have to pass the time & get through the many moments of agony in the days ahead.
I really don't know how I made it through, but I did and I am glad to be here and I want to do what I can to help you get through.

What is help ??
  • Something that temporarily diverts you from attempting suicide.
  • Something that temporarily reduces awareness of pain.
  • Something that Keeps You Alive.


Distractions Can
  • Decrease your awareness of pain for short bursts of time
  • Pass the agonizing hours and days waiting for treatments to work
  • Postpone a suicide attempt
  • In other words, can save your life an increment at a time
And for a while, that is all we have
  • Although it may not feel like "help" -- in the long run it may keep you alive.
  • And "keeping you alive" may not sound great to you now, but once you are well -- you will be so glad you survived.
Sure ! Laying down sleeping, sitting, doing nothing is fine as long as you...
  • Distractions can possibly help you stop thinking about it for short increments of time.
  • If nothing can distract you, if you are too suicidal, you may need to go into a hospital just to keep yourself from attempting suicide.


Distract Yourself
If You Can

There may be nothing listed below which you can even consider doing.

Just the ideas can cause pain.

Dying right now may be
the only thing on your mind.

But there also may be just one little idea that could catch & help you hang on.


Sometimes I could work at my job all day, but could only lie in bed suffering in the evening.

My husband fixed my supper. And I only spoke of my death, my funeral, and his life after I died.

But somehow, I made it through.


theThe Distractions .

#1 - Work overtime if you can work.

Of course watching TV & movies is the basic for distraction. But doing other things while the TV is on gives an added dimension & keeps you company.
For days at a time I worked jigsaw puzzles while watching re-run cable movies.
Paint by number, string beads, bake a cake or cookies for someone's birthday.
Have hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows. Good with wheat toast & butter. Eat ice cream and don't feel guilty.


Knit, crochet, needlepoint, play solitaire, Monopoly or even children's board games or card games.
Lincoln Logs, Legos, sculpting clay, Playdough, stickers, stamps.
Sand art, beads, coloring, or new easy stained glass (Gallery Glass) kits Visit the crafts, hobby or toy stores for other ideas - or look online.
Crafts stores & hardware stores often give classes on how to do particular crafts & household projects.
Walk in the garden, mow the grass, rake the leaves, hand water, pick flowers, trim the Bonsai tree. Watch exercise videos & don't do the exercise (unless you feel like it).
Walk the dog, pet the dog, hug the dog, brush or bath the dog, cat or other comforting critter. Go to the pet store - look at the colorful fish and baby animals.

Origami & Mental Health Therapy

Go to the mall. Relax, look & shop. Play the race car & arcade games. Eat interesting foods in the food court, sit & relax.

Spend the day at a spa retreat, get a massage, pampering & special foods - guys, you too. Go to a salon - get a facial, have your nails done, have a pedicure (guys too). Make sure instruments are clinically sanitary!!

Take a scenic afternoon drive & spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast. Take a bus tour to a nearby city for the day. See local tourist attractions.

Go to a local museum, library, nature walk, or community visitors center tour. Take a train ride to a nearby city for the day. Have dinner, shop, and ride back.

Go to local theatre performances of operas, plays & symphonies. Go to the aquarium
Go to the planetarium
Rent A Movie
Go To The Movies
Go To the Mall
Go Grocery Shopping

Go to Disneyland, local amusement park - play miniature golf - hit golf balls or baseballs. Play tennis at the local park, sit & feed the ducks, swing on the swings.
Go To The Coffee Shop - Bookstore or Library Go To The Beach
Go To The Zoo

Go to Dinner with Family or Friends or With Yourself Have dinner with Family or Friends in their home or yours

Stay overnight with Family or Friends Have Family or Friends stay overnight with you.

Go Out To Dinner, Eat What You Want Without Guilt. Take Comfort. Take dance lessons - ballroom, square dance, polka, country western, Latin...
Go With Someone... Go With Yourself !!

Be safe & sensible. Your life is still precious, even if you don't believe it right now. Let someone know where you are. Don't make friends, co-workers or family worry or panic.

  • Take comfort in people, be with them, and let them help you.
  • Yes, tell them how you feel.
  • Don't be mad at them. Let them help you the best they can.
  • People love you and care for you a lot more than you know & a lot more than they can show.


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