Suicide Crisis Center

When No Hope Is In Sight

Wednesday's Child

The Suicide Crisis Center is About

Staying Alive
Getting You Through The Moment
Giving You A Glint of Hope
Finding Treatment
To Stop The Hurting

Helping You Believe
You Can Feel Good Again


What To Do If You Are Suicidal

If you are in Suicidal Danger 
To Find Immediate Temporary Help
& Long-term Permanent Help


This web site is here to help you choose
something to do
right now

to provide you with
the will
to give you the strength
to lift yourself up
to make a move
towards help.


Let this web site be a living entity for you now. It was created by someone who knows what it's like.

Created to be here for you
when you need it most.

Borrow the will to live from this site, take the strength, and feel that someone cares and wants you to live.


What's the point of living?

  • To find the right treatment
  • To know the joy of living

Maybe for the first time ever.


If suicide were the right thing to do - surely there wouldn't be so much pain in thinking about it.

There seems to be a life force inside us that wants us to live -- that makes the thought of suicide difficult, painful, and unnatural.

The pain from depression
is unnatural, and unbearable.


Why should you endure it ?

  • Because you have an illness that makes you want to kill yourself.
  • Because you can treat it, even cure it, and be whole once again.


There Are Few Words Which Can Comfort
Suicidal Persons in Crisis...


If you are Suicidal



When You Feel You Can't Go On...

Call a Suicide Hotline

Crisis Counselors are waiting for your call...

Call Someone Now



Suicide Crisis Center

What To Do If You Are Suicidal


Suicide Hotlines
Suicide Hotlines
Crisis Call Chart
Crisis Call Chart
Family Support
Family Support
Why Live ?
Why Live ?

Read & Learn

Basic Survival


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Suicide Prevention In Your Area - What You Can Do




Solemn Poetry


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