Is There Any Objective, Logical Reason
Not To Commit Suicide ?


The main problem with suicide is that it is murder.  You would be murdering a person even though it would be your own self - you are still a person.

I think we forget that, or don't see that when we contemplate killing ourselves.

Try to hold onto that - you are a person.

We are not supposed to kill persons - to take a human life.

There is a devaluation and loss of worth inherent in those of us with suicidal thoughts and feelings.  It is as though the darkness of an evil has ahold of our minds and hearts in those darkest moments when suicide seems right, rational, eminent.

We usually won't think it is reasonable for a person to kill themselves over a broken leg.  We have more experience in knowing that the body can heal itself, in this case with a doctor's help, to set the leg so it can heal and the pain will subside.

If there is a reasonable treatment and you can believe that the pain can go away soon, then it is not reasonable to kill yourself.

But a person with any kind of chronic pain can start to feel suicidal even when they don't have depression.

In our extreme pain, a broken heart and/or a "broken" brain is a danger to us and is talking us into suicide.

And we have to look at ourselves with the same understanding and compassion we would if a loved one were badly injured in a car accident for example.

We too are badly hurt in a different way and these unbalanced thoughts and emotions are being produced by an almost "injured" brain.

It is as if a dark force is whispering in our ear, feeding us dark thoughts, trying to hurt us, trying to get us to hurt ourselves, and sometimes, to hurt other people.

It's like in a movie when the bad guy turns the street sign around to trick someone to go down the wrong street - "Go this way!"

You must not believe into this thinking.

Through our tears and our suffering, we must try to recognize that we are not well. But sometimes we cannot see this.

Emotions (pain) have so much power.

The health of our brain determines how we perceive the world and feel inside each day.

While we are depressed, and in constant pain, we must consider that our decisions will be based on a body system that is not functioning as it should and is a danger to us.  The thinking and feeling process is not working right. 

So what is the logical, objective reason not to kill yourself right now ?

Because you are a person made of a living, flesh and blood body.
Bodies are made to heal.

More is known about the brain and emotions of this body than ever before. More is known about how to use theraputic nutrition to meet the true needs of your specific body and brain.

But until you start a new treatment, you need to get through the toughest nights, the times when you are literally under attack by your animal brain or even perhaps dark spirits.

If you are having a bad time right now - you might need a lot of little helps to get through.

Reach out to someone. A lot of people understand. I, understand. God understands. Whether you believe in God or not - it won't hurt to ask for help. You can just say the word - Help and he will hear. And it can help you focus off the pain even for a tiny moment.


Yes, we may feel we have the legal "right" to take our own life, as opposed to someone else having the right to decide when and if we die... And in many ways I agree with that right to choose.

But you must not let the pain choose for you.
Wait, wait, and wait somemore.
Accept that there is suffering before healing.

But again, if you commit suicide, you would be killing a person - just like murder.  That would be the sin.

You can always kill yourself tomorrow -
just don't do it today.


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