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The Right to Commit Suicide
and Other Contemplations

Sometimes our dark and tormented soul
is like a helium balloon
trying to float away from this world.

But are we going up into the beautiful sky or
into the dark unknown of the abys ?

Where will we go ?
Is it a sin to commit suicide ?
What will happen to us ?

Although I do believe
in the "right" to commit suicide,
it doesn't mean that we should exercise that right. 

Having the "right" to do it does not mean
it is ultimately the right thing to do.

I think we should use every rationale we can
to delay
any suicide decisions or attempts we might make.

In these discussions, I wish to exclude the terminally ill!
And, yes, I know - many who are suicidal believe they are terminally ill, and so did I - but here, the depressed are not defined as terminally ill.

1. The Right to Commit Suicide
2. Is Suicide A Choice ?
3. Is Suicide A Sin ? - Is There Any Objective Reason Not to Commit Suicide ?
4. Is Suicide a Sin ? - A Suicide Attempt & Negative Near Death Experience
5. Grief - Should You Kill Yourself to Be With a Loved One Who Has Died ?
6. Should I Provide You With Instructions
On How To Commit Suicide ?
7. Myths & Stigma about Depression & Suicide
8. Influencing Others - Remember, It's Genetic (coming soon)

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