When I cried I could not die
When I closed my eyes I could not die
When I wailed I could not die
When I writhed I could not die

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Cannot Be Justified

Unless and Until You Have Really, Truly
and Honestly
Tried Serious Treatment

Don't die saying, "I've tried everything,"
when you know you really haven't !

There are treatments you don't even know about !
like the one I have used since 1990.

You could be throwing your life away
for nothing if you haven't tried it.


Suicide Cannot Be Justified
if you fall into one of these categories:

Of People with Clinical Depression as a whole:

Statistics vary but here's the problem:

33%, 50%, 75% are not diagnosed or treated

75% don't ask for help or try to get treatment

50% of cases are not recognized by doctors

75% who are being treated are undertreated


In Other Words, Most People with Clinical Depression

are not asking for treatment,

are not getting treatment, or

are not getting adequate treatment

And just as many of you who are suicidal don't know you have depression or some other mood disorder that could be successfully treated !

Even anger & aggressive or violent behaviors can be greatly improved.

It's not all antidepressants and psychotherapy
1. Here's What I Have Used Since 1990

Medically-Based Nutritional Supplement Programs that treat the real biochemical causes of depression and suicidal thoughts !

Remember, I have SEVERE suicidal depression.
I had hundreds of suicidal thoughts a day.
I was picking out a new wife for my husband for after I died !

With my supplements I feel like living !
I feel cured every day !
If you don't want to try what I use, you still have other options.
2. If you have already tried antidepressants and they haven't worked, carefully adding supplements could really help !
3. If you have not tried antidepressants, maybe you should !  They really help an awful lot of people !
I made a promise to my father.

Back when I was starting new treatment with nutritional supplements and I was very, very suicidal, my Dad, did the right thing, a very loving thing:

He made me promise that if this nutritional approach didn't work, that I would at least give Prozac or Paxil a good try before ending my life.  I did promise, and it meant a lot to me.  And there were times that it meant a lot to my survival.  If nothing else, it was often there between me and a suicide attempt.

But I never needed to try Prozac or Paxil.  I have been using nutritional supplements ever since ! It's what I prefer :)

Make a promise to yourself today.
Promise yourself, and someone else in your life that you will seriously try this treatment, or another treatment, before you try to end your life.

You feel right now
that suicide is justified
because you feel and think
that you can never feel
any different than you do right now.


But you can feel differently.
And what have you got to lose but a bit more time?

You can always kill yourself later! Right?! You can do it some other time, some other day - right !?

Just Don't Do It Today !!
Put it off for a while.


Turn Back the Clock
Start Your Life Over


Start Your Treatment Today

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