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What I used to think I would do with is quite different than what I have done, for now.

I consider having a serious and important responsibility.

When I first obtained it, I wasn't ready and had to take my time to decide what to do next.  I forwarded it to

When I was ready, I had to really dig deep and look for that inspiration I rely on that is the best gift to my writing.

Added to that, from several sources, I got the feeling that many or most of the people who just "type in" on their web browsers or searches are really not looking for help from a suicide prevention site.

What they are looking for is help, encouragement and instructions on how to commit suicide.

So I thought that I might have to sort of (lovingly) "trick" them into giving it a little more thought and at least, one more chance to live...

When they first arrive at the site, I am hoping they will experience a little surprise and a little scare - like stepping too close to the edge of a cliff...

Here they are... where they think they want to be.

Here they are, on the edge of infinity -

facing the ultimate decision,
facing the ultimate unknown...

and then one last time I am offering them

another choice,
another chance, not to die.

And ultimately, it is the hope of a real and true treatment that makes it possible.

That's what made choosing life possible for me.

My treatment is what makes choosing to stay alive possible for me every day.

Melody Clark


I get lots of offers to sell, but...

For those who may inquire: is not for sale.


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