"No One Cares"

With Depression and Thoughts of Suicide
Trying to get through life can seem impossible.
Trying to get help can be devastating.


I receive so many emails about such difficult
and painfully unhappy lives.

So often people feel that in their lives
there is no one for them.

And sometimes in calling for help,
even hotlines, there to help, don't help.


As much as I would like to, most of the time
I am just not able to write back.

One such time I did write back,
and I feel that this response
could be my response to many.


Hi from

Yes, ultimately, in a way it IS true, it really can seem that "no one cares."

My Dear Person,

YOU have to be the one who cares the most about your own life.

I have lots of family and a wonderful husband who care about me, and great doctors, but I would not be alive if I didn't do it myself.

The only real help is for you is to understand depression chemically and nutritionally, and to learn and decide what you are going to take.

And you keep trying till you get the recipe right.

I want you to feel better, but I can't do it for you either.

You can do it.

It's just as hard to do the work to kill yourself as it is to start your treatment.

I'd give you a hug right now to get you started taking care of yourself, and start your own customized treatment.

That is the best caring I can give you, Dear Person.

Long term this will give you power over your own life and a great feeling of freedom and control.

And just by dragging yourself across the room to do what needs to be done for yourself, you will find that someone cares about you... And it will be YOU - the beautiful heart, and mind, and soul of you, waiting inside yourself to be rescued.

Love, Sincerely,

Melody Clark

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