The Mystery, The Miracle and the Cure

We are looking for someone or something

some miracle to come upon us and make sense of our emotional pain and our miserable lives.

There is something wrong

with something,
somewhere in our lives,

But we don’t know what it is, who it is.

No matter what anyone says – we can’t accept it

It’s something outside of us

A huge mystery of life

Why were we born ?  What is the meaning of our worthless life ?  We can see no point to it.

What’s more – it hurts to be alive – each moment is sorrow, agony – a living torture unto death – waves of urgent impulses to end it end it end it...

My biggest message is that we have the power to use chemistry to turn off the pain, and recreate our desire to live again.

We must not keep looking to a one pill miracle cure – but add a few more pills and you’ve got something.

To me, it is a miracle that someone has created chemicals that are exactly like or similar to the chemicals our body uses to operate every system in our bodies and the very chemicals that we get from foods.

What’s the problem with this ? – when depressed, we don’t want to read, we don’t want to learn, we don’t want to do anything.

We can’t wait another moment for anything to help us.


Taking Pills To Live


Yes, I feel cured every day... as long as I take my pills.

Yes, this really is my cure in a cup

Okay, so my cup has a few more pills in it :)

What are they ? You could call them concentrated nutrient powders - or - vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & fatty acids.

And it is NO FUN taking them.

But it takes about 1 minute, maybe 2 minutes of misery to sit there in front of that awful cup of pills and gump, gump, gump and they're down the hatch - just another chore.


NOT feeling depressed and suicidal
NOT being upset and irritable

It is fun having a sense of humor
and being able to get along with the man I adore.

Without my pills, my personality is impossible and unpredictable.

With my supplements, I am so much better.  I am more dependable and I can be trusted to react with more reasonable emotions.

With my supplements, my life is worth living

because of how I feel inside myself
how I feel towards others
and how I act and react with others

I am experiencing a meaningful life.  I know more what to expect from my feelings and behavior and how to fix it if I let things lax too much. 

Life can be so much better or different because of the kind of person you are and the way you react - more reasonably, more rationally, less irratically, less - overly angry, sensitive, and negatively emotional.

You have more to give to others in life
and don't need so much from them.

It's more balanced, more normal, better.

I want this for you.

Everything I am writing is to get you to cross that bridge to understanding the life and death difference it makes to treat depression the way it should be treated.

Now you've just got to figure out what to get to put into that cup, right ?

  • Go to the new where I will tell you what I take and how you can create your own custom plan.

Get some of these books.  These doctors make it easy for you.  They have charts and questionaires and their own vitamin formulas that they use in their clinics for their patients.

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