is not for sale.

Hello :)

I've made this little page to save me time in answering the frequent, sincere inquiries and offers I receive.

And to save time trying to "convince" the occassional few individuals who seem to have trouble accepting "not for sale" for an answer.

Obviously, not everyone appreciates my work, but that's okay.

So the message is...

I want the site!! It's doing its work.

I get "thank you's" from viewers every day.*

It will help even more people when I publish my book just fell into my lap like a gift from God. Suicide prevention and sharing my treatment for depression is my life's calling !

I want it ! Why would I sell it ?!

Author's Depression | Author's Treatment


I have turned down offers of $30,000.

It's just NOT for sale - not even for a million dollars !!

Please don't ask.

Note: Someone recently asserted that I might sell it for 3 million dollars. No, I wouldn't. Is there some number ? Maybe ? 50 million, I don't know, maybe ? only if the site would be used for suicide prevention, but I'm still not sure. Okay :) ?

It will not be sold even upon my death - it will go to and be run by a chosen foundation.


Melody Clark

P.S. is also not for sale.


* I also appreciate critical, angry, and even hateful messages.
Sometimes they help me make important changes and updates.
(So please don't bother writing me fake "hate mail" to try to
discourage me so I will want to sell - okay:) ? Thank you!)


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