A Decision-Making Site For Those Contemplating Suicide

Well here you are

  at the edge of the abyss...


a step closer to suicide


at the beginning of infinity

heaven or hell
an afterlife
or a nothingness
or an eternity of suffering ?
Does anyone really know ?
Why have you come here ?
What do you need ?
To Find a Way to Live ?
or To Find a Way To Die ?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _



Here is a cup of pills

with the power

of life, and death.

What would you like these pills to do for you ?

Cup of pills

Maybe you want to take them to die . . . ?

But I ask you now..

how many of these pills

would you take each day to live ?


To feel good, normal good, like everyone else ?

Stable, not depressed, not suicidal, even happy ?


These are some of the pills I take every day

to save my life.

They are not herbs or antidepressants

but every-day nutrients that belong in your body.


It's been 30 years now that my life stay

on earth has been voluntary.


I feel good, I feel normal, I feel happy.

I am grateful.



You have the same chance right now.


Every suicidal person feels that there is no hope for them alone.

That is your out of balance brain chemistry talking to you, confusing you, hurting you, killing you.

We are living in a new age of discovery

You can turn around right now and face your biochemical challenge.



You can resurrect yourself

from this living death

You can rebuild, restore, re-start.


You could feel so good that

one day you will look back

on the distant memory

of how you almost died,

but somehow you lived through it.



Suicide is Not Justified






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and Other Contemplations
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When you feel you can't go on...
Call A Suicide Hotline


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