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How Can You Help
People Who Want To Commit Suicide ?

What Help Is There For
Family And Friends
Of A Suicidal Person ?


Upcoming topics
  • Love and family dynamics
  • Can a someone's life depend upon family dynamics ?
  • Why is love so difficult to pass to one another ?

Do you know if your family loves you ?

Depressed person's feel that their families don't love them or don't care, or won't care if they die.

Does your family know if you love them?

Best thing to do is to reverse it.

  • Do they know if you love them ?
  • Would you know if someone in your family had depression - do you know ?
  • Would you care if they died?

Why is depression so difficult to accept, believe, share ?

Why is there such stigma especially in a family.

  • Oh, he's fine ! He just needs to... magically snap out of it ?


Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment of Clinical Depression





For Teens & Parents of Teens



There Are Few Words Which Can Comfort
Suicidal Persons in Crisis...


If you are Suicidal



Why Live ?



Suicide Crisis Center

What To Do If You Are Suicidal


Suicide Hotlines
Suicide Hotlines
Crisis Call Chart
Crisis Call Chart
Family Support
Family Support
Why Live ?
Why Live ?

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Basic Survival


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Suicide Prevention In Your Area - What You Can Do




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