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Talk You Into Suicide !

Look - we can get lost really fast in "health talk" about biochemistry, serotonin, and neurotransmitters... You 've heard it all before.

So let's put this into practical perspective !

Suicidal impulses and depression should not be the end of your life - they are a symptom of a physical health problem !

When we are suicidal - the "maintenance" warning light is flashing. The "paper jam" and "low ink" lights are blinking.  The smoke is pouring out from under the hood and the brakes are squeeking.  The piano is playing out of tune.  Do you see ?

A piano doesn't throw itself into the ocean when it's keys just need tuned.

Your car doesn't drive itself off a cliff when it just needs new spark plugs and an oil change.

Your color inkjet printer doesn't deny that it needs a new color cartridge when it can only print black.

It's not time to end your life - it's time to fix it.

Let the doctors in these books, lift up the hood and show you what to do to fix it for life !

These doctors specialize in helping real live depressed patients in their clinics every day.

You need to get their books.  Why ?  Because these books are about you - about your past and the future life you could have.

Let this be the beginning of a new understanding of your body and your health and the start of a truly happier more appreciated existence on this earth, and in this life - once you start the restorative treatment you need.

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